You're doing what?!

This year, my birthday is on a Sunday (November 18). (Yes, same as Mickey Mouse.) (No, he’s older.) I will be turning 51.

The longest continuous stretch of the Cardinal Greenway, our local rail-to-trail, is 51 (.5) miles.

Coincidence? Well, yeah, of course it is. Don’t be silly.

So, on my birthday this year, I am going to Walk The Greenway.


Mostly just to do it. To reach the unreachable goal, you know.

Also, the Cardinal Greenway is a great local resource, and this year it was inducted in to the Rails to Trails Conservancy Hall of Fame.

Also also, maybe it can become a little bit of a social event. Come out and walk with me for a mile or two! Details to follow.

No fundraising, no signups, no nothing - just heading out for a nice (15 hour?!) walk.

What could possibly go wrong?