So, when I decided to do this, I knew I couldn’t do it alone. Whether for safety or encouragement, I figured I needed to have at least one person with me at all times. And there one only one person to ask who was able enough and crazy enough and a good enough friend that he would actually do this, and that’s my buddy Charlie St. Cyr-Paul.

Charlie is actually the one who badgered me into getting into running in the first place. He started by running, and doing marathons, then REALLY going off the deep end and doing triathlons and Ironmans (Ironmen?). I don’t know what his longest run is, but I don’t think it’s 50 miles. Also, he’s a runner. I’m a jogger/walker. So I was VERY clear, telling him we are going to WALK the distance.

Charlie can be very focused. That’s how he’s been successful at things like music and Ironmen. Another side of that is, sometimes Charlie can be kind of an asshole. (He’d be the first to agree—and I know I can sometimes be a jerk. That’s why it works, I guess.) Anyway, sometimes he will stay on something and just keep on it until everybody else is sick of it. Like the running thing—I finally started running just to shut him up. Like that worked . . .

But this is a big reason why I asked him to do this with me. It’s going to get ugly. I’ve had to walk the last 8 miles of a marathon, and it was just miserable, and I hated everything, and I was done with it forever. (Until the next one, of course.) So on this walk, when things get rough, and I’m sick of everything, and I’m sick of Charlie, I know he’ll help me dig deep and finish the walk.

If I don’t kick his ass before we finish.